Hector Rodriguez calls on the political will of the people to build the great country

Hector Rodriguez, head of the Parliamentary Homeland Bloc, called on Wednesday on the political will of the people to build the great Homeland.
Rodriguez said that from the Revolution will not be allowed outside powers to continue taking our decisions, he also asked the Venezuelans “to fearlessly put the cornerstone to build a more egalitarian world (…), let’s respect the differences, the inequalities”.
“What will become of us in the next 200 years if we go together, or if we go separated? I think the answer is obvious and is accompanied by another question: what belongs to each one of us?, what is the role that we have to play for that in 200 years whoever asks this question may have an answer that sows a smile on their faces, and not a sadness in their souls? “added Rodriguez, saying that to create a more just and egalitarian world must leave aside the misgivings, respect diversity and differences, but above all highlight what unites Latin America .
He also recalled that the international media would continues to show a false image of Venezuela, also added that with the support of President Nicolas Maduro has been given the struggle to overcome the unconventional warfare, and thus return to the path of victory.
This was stated on Wednesday afternoon, while participating in the Homeland Congress, International chapter, for a multicenter and multipolar world, which was held in Caracas.