Youth Job Plan will be elevated to Grand Mission status

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, recalled that next June 20 will be one year after the birth of the “Plan Chamba Juvenil” (Youth Job plan), and therefore that day the Youth Job Plan will be promoted to the rank of Grand Mission, a dedicated social program to incorporate the youth into productive plans.

From the Alba Caracas Hotel, in the framework of a national meeting members of the Jpsuv, the National President recalled that this plan was implemented so that young people without any work experience, were incorporated into the country’s professional field.

“We will be formulating and re formulating, activating and reactivating, it has been a miracle to reincorporate youth to work, to study (…) It has been one of the most kind, successful plans that we have to take as an example what youth can do from the political power”, he said.