Venezuela is congratulated for civism in Presidential elections

Venezuela receives congratulations for the elections that were held on Sunday, May 20, to elect the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Countries such as Turkey, Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia, sent their greetings of solidarity and respect for the show of civism of the Venezuelan people by going to the polls for the fourth time in less than a year. qualifying the act as a triumph of the democracy of the Bolivarian country.

For its part, the African delegation, who were visiting the country in the framework of the election party, showed their purpose to strengthen ties and union between Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Suelma Beiruk, President of the African Parliament, congratulated the Bolivarian people on behalf of the African Parliament for the victory on Sunday, which she described as a triumph of democracy, and also thanked the citizens for their transparency

Arreaza said that the sanctions imposed by the United States against Venezuela, are measures to continue forcing the National Government with illegal measures to twist its arm.

“There is no restrictive, coercive and unilateral type of measures, no kind of pressure, not even from that power, from that commander in chief who threatens us with the use of force, having the most powerful army, there is no way to intimidate the Venezuelan people”, reiterated the Chancellor.