Negotiations with Petro exceed one billion dollars

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reported on Thursday that Venezuela has offers and negotiations that exceed one billion dollars, through the Petro cryptocurrency.

During a Facebook Live broadcast from his official account, he explained that 292,000 offers of purchase intention of Petros have been made, of which 36% have been made in dollars, 15% in euros, 18% in Ethereum and 31% in Bitcoin . Out of all these offers, 133,665 people interested in acquiring Petro have been contacted worldwide; and only today 950,000 people entered the page to interconnect with the cryptoasset.

“It is a positive phenomenon, a monetary, political, economic phenomenon within the path of the new economy, because this is built by diversifying the sources of wealth and one of them is Petro, which is supported by oil”, he said.

The President indicated that a negotiation for 350 million dollars was closed through the cryptocurrency, which will be directed to the acquisition of supplies for the Venezuelan industry.