Attention! Load Management Plan will begin implementation next Monday

The Minister for Electric Power, Luis Motta Domíguez, reported on Thursday that, starting next Monday, April 25, will begin to implement a load management plan of 4 hours per day given the low levels of water that records the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant “Guri”, as a product of the El Niño natural phenomena.
“Whereas the current level (of Guri) is at 2.42,07 and the minimum operational elevation is 39.50,240, it is necessary to make a careful management of the water remaining in the reservoir.” He said in a broadcast of Venezolana de Television.
He said the plan will take approximately 40 days or until the “Guri” starts to recover.
“These four hours of temporary suspension is the support that every Venezuelan will lend to arrest the decline of the “Guri” hydroelecttrical plant and thus be able to reach the second week of May when the rains season is expected to start”, he said.
Also, Dominguez said the plan will be published in the national and regional press, as well as in the website of the Ministry for Electricity, in order that “the people is aware of when will correspond this residential cut”.
“It’s a necessary sacrifice, we must be prepared to achieve the goal, which is to move forward and overcome this situation,” he said.