EU sanctions will be answered throughout the entire diplomatic line

«The sanctions of the European Union came as an imposition of the decadent Government of Donald Trump (…) it has been an absolutely rude and ill-advised decision. And the Venezuela of the liberators, of this rebellious people, repudiates the sanctions, rejects the sanctions of the EU».

This was stated by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during his speech before the massive rally held to commemorate the popular rebellion of January 23, 1958, and to condemn the betrayal of the Governments of the Fourth Republic to this struggle.

Before the unilateral sanctions imposed by the European Union on a group of important leaders and heads of the National Public Powers, he asserted that the Venezuelan people is not to be sanctioned by anyone, and that this action will be answered throughout the entire diplomatic line.

«We are free, and nothing and no one will dictate us norms, nothing or nobody will intervene in our country, so I swear before you. I will defend the honor and pride of being Venezuelan».

He asked for the support of the Venezuelan people to repudiate the Yankee and European interventionism, which is xenophobic and racist.

«It has not been born the Government that submits Venezuela to a regime of domination, it does not exist in the world», he said, and lamented how the EU subordinates itself to Trump’s administration in its warmongering policy against the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan people.