Ricardo Menéndez: «The Bolivarian Revolution Model has been a firm ground to face aggressions against Venezuela»

The model of the Bolivarian Revolution “has been a firm floor to face the aggressions that have been outlined against Venezuela». This was stated on Wednesday by Ricardo Menéndez, Sectoral Vice-President and Minister of People’s Power for Planning, during his participation in the Seminar: Venezuela in figures. 20 years of the Bolivarian Revolution, while assuring that it implies new challenges.

This activity is part of a series of conferences entitled Venezuela in the Struggles, organized by the Global University of the People’s Republic of China and the Simon Bolivar Institute of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In this sense, Menéndez highlighted that the topic to be discussed is the Venezuelan model conceived to improve the Revolutionary Social Welfare for the people: «The Socialist Welfare State groups the five dimensions of the Bolivarian Revolution, culture, social, economic, territorial and political». Points where, according to what was expressed by spokespersons of the US State Department, «they decided to generate aggression», he denounced.

War wounds:

Among the war wounds inflicted by imperialism, the sectoral Vice-President for Planning pointed out that the reduction of the income of the Republic from 52 billion dollars to 700 million dollars, «affected the capacity of action of the Venezuelan people». He also pointed out that during this period, the country paid its foreign debt of more than 100 billion dollars», he stated.

Likewise, he pointed out that imperialist factors tried to hit the purchasing power of Venezuelans through inflationary speculation. Likewise, he reiterated that the blocking of foreign accounts amounts to more than 5 billion dollars, «resources of the State destined to the development of social programs».

He pointed out that with the unilateral coercive measures “they tried to make us renounce as a country to the defense of sovereignty and democracy, to decide and solve our problems».

The Bolivarian Revolution as guarantor of Social Welfare:

Likewise, the Minister of People’s Power for Planning assured that there were three conceptions that the Bolivarian Revolution established as opposed to the Fourth Republic model, the first one was to strengthen the integral attention to the human being, in this way the system of missions and great missions were born, as a guarantor of all the basic needs. Second, the integral vision of Commander Chávez’s thinking, which in turn generated the development of the Plan of the Homeland as a road map.

«Were it not for the Revolution, we would have 2.4 million illiterate people; if it were not for the Revolution, we would not have 5 million jobs; were it not for the Bolivarian Revolution, 2.4 million children would not be in the educational system; if it were not for 4 million adults and senior citizens,» he exemplified.

Vice President Menéndez affirmed that «From the reinstitutionalization of our country, we seek to solve the political issue in order to solve the economic issue».

Venezuela in figures:

Finally, Minister Menéndez announced that in the next few days, will be available through the website of the Ministry of Planning (www.mppp.gob.ve) the book “Venezuela in Figures”, which he described as «Part of the reality and heroism of the Venezuelan people, the fight of each one of the visions to be able to fight the battle from the point of view of the dimensions of our society».