Maduro urged the people to consolidate a comprehensive offensive to preserve peace

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, made a call on the Venezuelan people to consolidate a comprehensive and definitive offensive from September 1 to December 31, with the aim of ensure the welfare and happiness of the Venezuelan people.
“This call is addressed to all social, political and military forces of the country, for us to prepare in a sustained, comprehensive, social, economic, political and military offensive, an offensive by the mobilized people working on peace, sovereignty and stability” said the Head of State during the baptizing of the book “Hugo Chavez and the destiny of a People”, which was held on Wednesday at the Teresa Carreño Theatre.
In this regard, he stressed that the goal is to close the last four months of the year with work and the people’s union. “Against whoever comes with violence, on any day, we will act, and let nobody come to complain afterwards”.
Likewise, He stated that before any act of violence or destabilization of the national peace, the state will act with the constitution in hand.
“We are not afraid of anything nor anyone, we are the people of the difficulties, the rebellious people of Bolivar,” said the National Chief.