Republican Moral Council: Appointment of Supreme Court judges is absolutely legal

The Comptroller General of the Republic, Manuel Galindo, informed on Monday that the Republican Moral Council considers legal the appointment of magistrates of the Supreme Justice Court (TSJ) held last December 23, and said that the same must be abided by state powers.
In statements broadcast by the Globovision TV station, Galindo said that the sentence in which is determined the swearing and appointment of judges by the National Assembly (AN) which was in charge until January 4, 2016 is determined «is totally and absolutely attached to the legality and the principle of constitutional supremacy».
The comptroller added that the TSJ, in its Constitutional Chamber, «Has the full and absolute competence as the ultimate and sole interpreter of rules of a constitutional character». Therefore, there must be respected the sentences issued by this maximum chamber, under the provisions of Article 335 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Failure to abide, or disproving of the sentences «could result in incurring on a usurpation of authority, be it by any administrative act or other instrument of a sub-legal character,» said Galindo.
He further noted that as mentioned in the constitutional article 136 which speaks about the division of powers, it is stated «the obligation of cooperation that we have the highest authorities who represent the public authorities to achieve the goals of the State».