Know here the reasons why the US attacks Venezuela

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated the reasons why the United States Government uses all its war, financial, diplomatic and media machinery against Venezuela.

During a press conference with international media, the national President explained that there are two reasons for this: First, there is the material, physical, geo-economic character; since Venezuela has the largest reserve of certified oil in the world in the Orinoco Oil Strip, the world’s fourth largest gas reserve and the first gold reserve are also being certified, and the country also has large reserves of diamond, copper, aluminum, iron, silver, coltan, water and biodiversity.

«Venezuela was considered a colony of the United States throughout the entire 20th century, so they believe they must dominate us to take away the natural wealth, as they have done with Iraq and Libya», he said.

The second reason to attack Venezuela is the geopolitical character, they want to end the project of independence and sovereignty of the Bolivarian Revolution, founded by Commander Hugo Chavez, and also end the example for the awakening of Latin America and the world that has meant the socialist model that is being promoted in Venezuela.

«That makes them crazy, that there is a Government and a people in the American continent that does not subordinate or enslave to the calls from Washington, and that raise its voice and its eyes as the peoples of ALBA do, as the people of Venezuela and Petrocaribe do», he said.

He added that Venezuela has led in the 21st century the battle for the new independence of which spoke Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, for which struggled Augusto Sandino, Simón Bolívar, among other patriots in the 19th century.

He thanked the solidarity movements around the world that defend the truth of Venezuela.