Venezuelan Opposition Destroyed Legislative Power

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said that the opposition did not take advantage of their opportunity when obtaining a circumstantial victory to the National Assembly in 2015, which he acknowledged himself in order to avoid a political conflict.

“The Venezuelan opposition had the political power of the Assembly in their hands and destroyed it, they wasted it, embezzled it, they disrupted the legislative branch of the country and today the country has no legislative branch”, he said.

Likewise, President Maduro denounced that the NA did not offer any proposal for the economic recovery of the country.

“They had the power, and what did they did?, did they make any proposals to help Venezuela’s economic recovery? On the contrary, they began to try to manipulate me and tie me down and I was forced to use the Constitution and decree a state of Economic Emergency with which I was able to govern through 2016-2017 ”

He assured that the imperial forces did not want to realize that the plans they instruct to the internal opposition have failed in their attempts to generate violent actions that disturb the public order.

The National Head of State assured that with the installation of the ANC will begin the reconstruction of the institutions in a peaceful way and establish the dialogue that the country needs for the integral recovery.