Cabello: We cannot allow the Colombianization of politics in Venezuela

«We cannot allow the Colombianization of politics in Venezuela and that was a stab in the heart of the Revolution,» emphasized Diosdado Cabello, during his speech at the second plenary session of the 5th Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and 4th Congress of the JPSUV.

The first vice president of the red party pointed out that the links of any politician with drug trafficking «is worse than anything.»

What does drug trafficking generate in the youth? How much harm do drugs to the young people? How many criminal acts are committed after drug use? It is the worst act, to be associated with drug trafficking, and we cannot allow that”, he sentenced.

«Now. did nobody noticed? Did nobody saw anything? Did no one suspect anything?”, he questioned while urging not to be afraid of denouncing irregular events:s

«We must denounce it to take the corrective measures, it is us, let’s not wait for someone else to do it, we must do it today so that our sons and daughters do not have to come in 20 years to do it”, he urged.