With opposition reform to COPP would be unpunished crimes committed by officials

With the draft of partial reform of Article 380 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (COPP), approved in first reading by the National Assembly (NA), crimes committed by public officials would go unpunished , as reported deputy Edwin Rojas.
Speaking to the media from the outskirts of the sessions hemicycle, the member of the Homeland Bloc said that the amendment to the legal instrument would bolster that accused officials are not disabled and, quite contrarily, would continue in the exercise of their duties.
“This agenda reveals today that (oppositionists) come to support corrupt officials such as Leopoldo Lopez, Richard Mardo, Juan Carlos Caldera, Manuel Rosales, and others who were sanctioned by the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR),” said Roa.
He stressed that the amendment would allow those tried to assume public and people-elected positions, and would also limit the functions of the CGR.
He chastised that in three months the oppositionist Parliament has not made any concrete contributions to the country, against the current economic situation.