Venezuela holds the world record in democracy and popular participation

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said this Sunday that Venezuela holds the world record for democracy, participation and popular sovereignty, since in 18 years there have been 20 electoral processes.

«There is no country in the world that has made more elections. In Venezuela there is democracy because there is a Revolution, and in Venezuela there will be freedom as long as there is a Revolution, we are the guarantee», said the National Leader during his program «Los Domingos con Maduro» (Sundays with Maduro), in its 89th edition.

He indicated that with the elections of the National Constituent Assembly to be held on July 30 this year and the regional elections: «We would be arriving to 22 clean, participative and starring elections».

In that sense, he said that the United States Government «is ridiculous» to say that Venezuela should call for elections, and assured that «they have no morals.»