Delegations from 35 countries will participate in acts commemorating 2002 Coup d' Etat

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro,  reported on Sunday that more than 35 countries will participate in a World Encounter of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists, on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the Coup D’ Etat and Resurrection of April 2002
From Catia La Mar, in Vargas state, the Venezuelan President held talks with Spanish economist Alfredo Serrano, who highlighted the progress of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and its 14 engines.
«The Bolivarian Economic Agenda marks a roadmap for the present and for the next few years (…) Is raised the importance to grow, to generate wealth by distributing (…) the idea of this proposal is to produce by the hand of the people», said Serrano.
He emphasized that the Bolivarian Economic Agenda tells to the world that social missions in Venezuela are not to be traded, «The IMF is not requested for permission to support the missions.»