Venezuelan government strengthens agri-food production

The Head of State and Government of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, in order to strengthen food production in the regions, provided materials and supplies for agricultural and bovine production, and also inaugurated a corn flour processing plant.

During this productive day, 59 titles of family land were delivered to the “Juana María” Peasant Council for agricultural production in the Mérida state, likewise, in three months it was possible to reach the delivery of 300,000 (92.07%) hectares raised for the year 2020, as highlighted the protector and elected deputy, Jehyson Guzmán.

In Yaracuy state, the regional government inspected the High Genetic Bovine Breeding Center “Agropecuaria Guarataro 2014”, located in San Felipe, which has a total of 620 bovine animals.

This high genetics center also markets semen from the GYR breed for in vitro fertilization procedures, an estimated growth of 30% in bovine production by 2021, as reported by Governor Julio León Heredia.

“With applied science and technology we advance on the land, in the production of meat, milk, (…) in joining all efforts with the Venezuelan farming sectors,” said President Nicolás Maduro.

The Precooked Corn Flour Processing Plant “Juana Ramírez la Avanzadora,” was inaugurated in the aforementioned location in Monagas state.

Governor Yelitze Santaella highlighted that the production capacity was about 400 tons and was increased to 1,260 tons, with 50 tons per day.

“Venezuela has to go surpassing itself, in production, distribution, stable and safe prices for the people,” said the national leader, during the productive journey from the Government Palace.