Maduro signs a decree granting 8,331 nationalities to migrants who live in Venezuela

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, signed a decree granting citizenship to 8,331 migrants from different countries who live in Venezuela.

The decree was signed amidst an event with the migrants who live in the country, the Head of State indicated that the decree is intended to protect and safeguard the migration throughout the national territory: «Venezuela is a country that receives migrants, of which 5,600,000 are Colombians, 1 million are Arabs, 500,000 are Peruvians, 500,000 come from China, 250,000 come from Spain, 200,000 come from Italy and 100,000 come from Haiti». he explained.

The Head of State explained that he expects this naturalization process to be carried out every two months, as well as highlighted that 5,781 of those nationalized this Tuesday are of Colombian origin, belonging to the list of the Venezuelan Association for Peace and Life; the second nation with the largest number of nationalized migrants is Peru, with 390, followed by Haiti with 253, and Ecuador with 207, Chile with 117 and Italy with 56 people.

He concluded that he does not rule out talking with President Donald Trump about the reality of Venezuela: «Because Mike Pence lies to Trump about Venezuela, he (Pence) thinks he is the President of the United States; I challenge Donald Trump, if he is so worried about migrants, why don’t he sign a decree that nationalizes them, like I did, and naturalizes all migrants who live there in the United States?», he said.