President Maduro remembers the outcoming of Commander Chavez from Yare

“22 years ago, on March 26, the people took to the streets to receive the Commander Chavez after leaving Yare. “I’m going to the catacombs of the people” said the Giant at that time, and began to give his example, to walk every street and every hamlet of Venezuela bringing his Bolivarian and Libertarian message. That first speech is the basis of his entire political vision, he always maintained the same approach: social justice, a deep love for the people and the Homeland”, wrote President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday through his account in the Facebook social network.
“Since that day we remain in the streets with our Commander, we continue to work with his teachings, although we can not physically see him, now Hugo Chavez is part of each one of us and we can not be less than that height, than that commitment to the Homeland and the ideals of the Liberator”, continued Maduro.
“The task is not easy, this is about the total emancipation, of the realization of a model of society where all of us can live together in supreme freedom and happiness; in the way we have to fight the attacks of the wretched, but rest assured that if we are loyal to the Bolivarian, Revolutionary and Chavista thought, we will fulfill our mission. CHAVEZ LIVES, THE HOMELAND CONTINUES! “Said the President.