Dario Vivas denounces US interference to the IPU

“I denounce before the world the interference of the American empire in the internal affairs of Venezuela, as well as the economic and media war to which it is subject, as part of a destabilization plan against the Venezuelan people”.
The statement was made by the deputy of the National Assembly (AN) Dario Vivas, in the framework of his participation in the 134th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) held in the Republic of Zambia, Central Africa.
“We the Venezuelan parliamentarians attending this meeting, have proceeded to enter in the Human Rights Committee of the IPU a document containing the position of the Homeland block of the (Venezuelan) National Assembly and express our agreement with the visit (the IPU) intends to make to Venezuela, in order to verify that constitutional rights are respected, and to know the truth of the cases that the National Government is investigating, for corruption and violation of the Constitution and the laws”, said Vivas.
Dario Vivas, who holds the vice-presidency of the Executive Committee of the IPU, is also accompanied by deputy Yul Jabour to participate in an international parliamentary dialogue to work for the strengthening of peace and cooperation among peoples.
The denounce made by the deputies of the Homeland Bloc is in line with the statements of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, who rejected last March 15 the interventionist statements by the US President, Barack Obama and his obsession to end the Bolivarian Revolution.