Meet the five presidential candidates whose campaign started this Sunday

From this Sunday, political organizations will remain mobilized in electoral campaign for 26 days for the promotion of candidates to the Presidency of the Republic and of the 23 legislative councils of the country, positions that will be elected next May 20.

In the case of the First National Magistracy, five Venezuelans were admitted as candidates: Nicolás Maduro, by the Homeland’s Ample Front; Henri Falcón, by the Avanzada Progresista, Movement to Socialism (MAS) and Copei parties; Javier Bertucci, by the group of voters Esperanza por el Cambio; Reinaldo Quijada, by UPP89, and Luis Alejandro Ratti, nominated by his own initiative.

– Nicolás Maduro, who has held the presidency of the Republic since 2013, is a fighter of the working class. He developed his trade union career as a worker of the Metrobús Metro system in Caracas. His political formation began with the Socialist League, founded in 1973, a space in which his restlessness by the fight of sectors traditionally excluded was awakened.

In 1992, he joined the political project led by Commander Hugo Chávez, who assumed the presidency of the Republic in 1999. From that moment, Maduro exercised responsibilities as a constituent, deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Chancellor and Vice President of the Republic.

– Henri Falcón is known for his management over 17 years in Lara, a state of the central-western region of the country. He got the Mayorship of Barquisimeto city supported by the forces of the chavismo, of which he separated in 2010 after a conflict with lands of the headquarters of Polar companies that the president Hugo Chávez proposed to declare of public utility to promote housing developments in the capital of Lara state.

He lost the regional elections of last October 15 to Carmen Meléndez, the standard-bearer of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

– Javier Bertucci, nominated by the group of voters Esperanza Por El Cambio (Hope for Change), he is an entrepreneur. In addition, he has been conductor of the Maranatha Christian Church and founder of the El Cambio Civil Association.

– Reinaldo Quijada took his first steps in national politics in 1990 with the Patriotic Front and the Pro-Constituent Ample Front. In 2002, he joined the organization Clase Media en Positivo (Middle Class in Positive), from which he separated in 2007 to go to the PSUV. Nine years later, the conformation of UPP89 begins.

– Luis Alejandro Ratti, who ran on his own initiative, was active in the MAS, an organization from which he was separated by a “situation of internal division”. He is also an entrepreneur from Aragua state.

Until May 17, three days before the elections, the presidential candidates will have the opportunity to make known to the Venezuelan people their proposals for government in mass events and media.