«There was an underestimation of Chavismo, they believed that the end had come, that it was the final defeat and they underestimated Chavismo. There is Chavismo, defeating them in September and it will defeat them in October and November, and Maduro will end his term (on due time)».
The statement was made by the Vice President of the Republic, Aristobulo Isturiz, at the program Dando y Dando Radio (Taking and Giving-Radio), led by himself along with journalist Tania Diaz, through the airwaves of the RNV Informative Channel, on which he said that «the worst is already over.»
The Government of Nicolas Maduro, he noted, has managed to defeat the conspiracy processes that were underway in September, referring to the «Takeover of Caracas» a street action promoted by the right wing, part of a destabilizing plan to oust the President.
For Isturiz. the repeated defeats of the right wing «Have intensified discouragement in the option of the recall referendum within the opposition and also in the international arena.»
The Vice President said that the Bolivarian Revolution is the only political-social model that is capable of responding to the people, by establishing a comparison of the conditions in the country between January and May, and October, a month that registers a marked improvement in economic terms.
«President Maduro has given a directionality to the expectations of the people, if you see the Venezuela of January or June, and compare it with that of September and October, we see where we are going; we will emerge from this crisis on which the imperialist conspiracy has attempted to put Venezuela in; it has to do with the process of re-colonization developed by President Obama throughout the region. He has been unable to defeat Venezuela. and he will not defeat Venezuela».