National Communal Parliament Law advanced into systematization phase

The Law on National Communal Parliament advanced to the systematization phase after having gone through the popular consultation process, this was announced by the vice president of the Permanent Commission of Communes, Deputy Blanca Eekhout:

“Today we were reviewing all the contributions of the different subcommittees for the new laws that we are going to present, the reforms of laws, among those the Law of the Communal Economy System”, highlighted Eekhout, after this important news. She, in turn, expressed that a Community Training Law is being prepared.

Likewise, she expressed that have been reviewed the laws of Communal Public Planning and People’s Power, which had been addressed by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), these will be reforms that will be introduced in the next sessions of the parliament.

Finally, she said that they have received complaints and proposals from the people, while the legislators have been deployed to the communities for the consultation processes of other documents and ratified that the Communes Commission is a meeting place with the community members.