Alvaro Uribe coordinates terrorist takeover of Venezuela

The Bolivarian Government through intelligence agencies has frustrated the destabilization plans that pretend to execute in the national territory leaders of the right-wing supported by paramilitary groups and Alvaro Uribe, former President of the Republic of Colombia.
The director of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez, offered on Monday a balance of the investigations, and therefore he warned on the activation of violent plans for next September 7th.
He said the Venezuelan authorities have found it necessary to intensify preventive measures “to neutralize or thwart criminal activity that now will try the takeover in territorial installments, as could be Maracaibo, capital of a border state, in which the terrorist activity of actors funded by paramilitarism, sponsored by Alvaro Uribe, would be coordinating actions. ”
González López pointed out that they will keep the Venezuelan people informed of the progress of the investigation, all this in order to generate peace and tranquility in the country.