Were installed boards of agreed prices

This Wednesday was carried out the installation of the boards of prices agreed between the Government and sectors of production, distribution and commercialization of the items of Plan 50.

In a broadcast by VTV, the Minister for Alimentation, Luis Medina, informed that during the first day will be analyzed the structure of costs and pricing of rice and sugar.

He explained that these work tables will be held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy and Finances, in Caracas, with a methodology that allows analyzing each of the items.

“There will be two simultaneous worktables, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, where we should discuss, analyze and review the formulas corresponding to the cost structures to reach a final agreement on the agreed prices”, he said.

He indicated that the meetings are expected to conclude this Saturday with the participation of representatives of the protein production and commercialization chain.

The development of these work journeys will allow to sincere and stabilize the prices of the main products demanded by the Venezuelan families.

“We thank the sectors that have been present and the representatives of the Grand Mission Sovereign Supply. We are going to listen to them and look for solutions to a problem that is affecting the people of Venezuela”, said Medina.

Plan 50, which will also be accompanied by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), seeks to fix the fair prices of 50 goods, products and services that are essential for the Venezuelan families.

Among the products that will be prioritized in this plan are: coffee, sugar, rice, pasta, beans, meat, milk (both liquid and powder), white cheese, ham, mayonnaise, corn (white and yellow), chicken, fish, wheat flour, oil, as well as various items of hygiene and personal hygiene (such as bar or powder soap).

The Executive branch will take measures against those sectors that do not comply with the price fixing agreement.