Chancellor Rodriguez met with Secretary of State of Portugal

The Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Delcy Rodríguez, held a bilateral meeting with the Secretary of State for the Internationalization of Portugal, Jorge Oliveira, in the Alba Hall of the Yellow House, headquarters of the Venezuelan Chancellory, in order to consolidate and expand bilateral relations.
The meeting was attended by the Vice Ministers for Europe, Samuel Moncada, and of Economic Cooperation, Ramon Gordils, respectively, as well as representatives of the Commission of Portugal, who were welcomed by the Venezuelan diplomat on behalf of President Nicolas Maduro.
During the meeting Rodriguez said that: “It is necessary to continue with the review journey of the agenda for cooperation, and thus solve the complexities that arise with the greater political will, as Commander Hugo Chavez did”.
“Relations between Venezuela and Portugal in the bilateral and multilateral levels are excellent.” She added that along with the Economic Vice Presidency, and the Cooperation Team for Foreign Trade they presented the 15 engines covered by the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, led by President Nicolas Maduro, the new potential that has Venezuela on investment and participation.
In this context, she reviewed the tour of Representatives of the Commission of Portugal throughout the Factory of Canaima Industries -an emblematic program of the social missions- created by Commander Hugo Chavez in cooperation with Portugal, recognized by Unesco in 2013.
For his part, the Vice Minister for Europe, Samuel Moncada, said that this Portuguese Commission came with the aim of observing the growth potential in Venezuela and the ample opportunities there exist to create new companies and projects with new ideas, based on the cooperation for growth.
In addition, the Vice Minister for Economic Cooperation, Ramon Gordils, reiterated the call to “strengthen and expand relations in all fields, especially in the economic sector to continue to grow and diversify the areas in which the European country cooperates with Venezuela” .
Likewise, at the end of July will be held a Joint Venezuela-Portugal Committee, where it is expected to make concrete the revised projects in the working agenda between the two countries.