Venezuelan state invites BRICS+ group to presidential elections on June 28

Venezuela invited the member states of the BRICS+ group as observers for the next presidential elections on July 28, as reported by the vice minister for Latin America of the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Rander Peña.

Through the publication of a video on the X social network is scheduled to celebrate on Sunday, July 28. Vice Minister Rander Peña made the proposal to Russia, the country that presides over the BRICS+ bloc, so that all the countries that make up this important bloc accompany the presidential elections that are scheduled to be held on Sunday, July 28.

The invitation was made during the Central Plenary of the International Forum of Political Parties of the BRICS+ Countries, held in Vladivostok, Russia: “We trust that the Venezuelan people, just as they are recognizing the policies of President Nicolás Maduro, will be re-elected by a large advantage for the next six years.”

During his participation in the forum, Peña referred to Venezuela’s interest in joining the BRICS+, a bloc that plays a very important role on the global stage, in this sense, he mentioned that the Bolivarian nation aspires to enter as a full member this year. “Our country has a set of potentials to contribute as a member of the BRICS in the immediate future.”

Peña highlighted that Bolivarian Peace Diplomacy finds its theoretical foundation in the proposal made by The Liberator Simón Bolívar, in the Letter of Jamaica of 1815, “where the thesis of the balance of the universe is proposed, which consists of the reciprocally respected existence of different poles of power to guarantee balance in relations between the different States of the world.”