Law Against Economic War seeks to boost the capacity of the State to respond

The Constitutional Law against the economic war for the Rationality, uniformity and acquisition of goods, services and Public Works seeks to boost the capacity of the State to respond to the economic war, said the Minister of People’s Power for Planning and Development, Ricardo Menéndez.

During this Tuesday’s session of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), he pointed out that the effects of the economic war have hit the state’s capacity to act to guarantee the protection of the people.

“One of the fundamental schemes of this economic warfare knows and understands that there is a State of Missions and Great Missions that has a stellar role in the protection of the people”, said Menéndez from the Federal Legislative Palace.

He added that these sectors of the right wing, allied with business leaders, have used the economic war to generate anxiety for their own political purposes.

The head of the Planning portfolio specified that this law has four main elements; the first of them is to make more flexible the mechanisms of public purchases and hiring, adjusted to the dynamics of war.

The second is oriented towards the fight against corruption by creating a more transparent purchasing and contracting system. It will also allow for the inclusion of new productive actors, as well as going directly to producers without intermediaries.

He pointed out that this legal instrument seeks to generate incentives to strengthen national production.