President Maduro: The New Era of Transition to Socialism is along the path of Bolívar and Chávez

By highlighting the leadership in the different sectors that govern the policies of the Bolivarian Government, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, assured that the New Era of Transition to Socialism marked by creativity and resistance has allowed the Venezuelan people to “rise from “the post-pandemic.”

From the city of Maracay in Aragua state, the national leader highlighted grassroots leadership as a premise of the Bolivarian Revolution, to address the needs of the people:

From whom did we learn that basic leadership, the ideas and to assume the role as educators, educational leaders of a people? Who did we learn it from? From the great teacher, the greatest teacher, our beloved Commander Hugo Chávez, leader of leaders among leaders, the greatest, the best, the only one,” he reflected during the 27th edition of the “Con Maduro+” program.

In this sense, he explained that there are post-pandemic elements that articulate the different social columns and structures, with the purpose of facing the imposition of unilateral coercive measures and the blockade.

Following, know about the post-pandemic elements that the Dignitary analyzed:

1.– The 3R.Nets: A method created in January 2022, “which has a necessary vision to remove the country from the traumas of the pandemic and to lead a post-pandemic of growth, recovery, national unity and consensus building”.

– Resistance: “Active, fierce, bitter, victorious resistance against sanctions, aggression, threats from the empire and empires.”

Rebirth: The rebirth of the national soul, of the Venezuelan affirmative, of the country’s founding values.

Revolutionize: Change everything that needs to be changed and build new realities at the local, municipal, regional, national level: “To revolutionize everything, to change everything that needs to be changed. Three Rs of this stage.”

2.- 1×10 System of Good Government: Effective technological method that has allowed us to address and respond to the problems of Venezuelan communities directly with the institutions,

This communication is carried out through the VenApp application and line 58 “to establish direct contact between the people, the regional government and the National Government.”

In context, he stated that this system has reached close to 2 million reports attended to in different communities in the country, which represents 70% effectiveness in comprehensive care.

3.- Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles): These brigades made up of the civil-military union have guaranteed the rehabilitation and repair of structures of schools, high schools, universities and health centers in the country.

4.– Congress of the New Era: Sets the course for the future of Venezuela in the economic, political and social recovery of the country. “They are the instruments of the post-pandemic era, theoretical and practical instruments, with a permanent geopolitical vision and of popular organization and participation.”

It is about connecting our scarce resources, our broad capabilities and combining grassroots Popular Power, leadership with political power, to address and solve people’s problems,” the President said.