Venezuela will not accept tutelage nor intervention to solve problems

The Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez reiterated on Monday to the Organization of American States (OAS) that Venezuela will not accept intervention nor any tulelage to solve the problems and settle  differences.

During the second session of foreign ministers at the OAS in Cancun, Mexico, Rodríguez stressed that the contribution made outside the borders should be constructive, such as encouraging dialogue and not obstructing it. In that sense, he asserted that despite the efforts of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, to establish a dialogue in the country, this organization represented by Luis Almagro called on the Venezuelan opposition not to sit down and dialogue.

«Perhaps a constructive contribution is to support the dialogue and it takes us by surprise that one of the mechanisms that exists today in Venezuela to overcome the spots of violence, is wanted to summon to suppress from this forum. That is not going to happen because Venezuela is independent and sovereign, and the decisions taken by its public powers are executed without any foreign mandate, without any kind of imperial instruction», said the Chancellor.

She pointed out that in the face of this obstacle to dialogue, the Venezuelan National Leader, using his powers contemplated in the Magna Carta, convened a National Constituent Assembly with all the guarantees and protection of the electoral rights enshrined in the laws of the country, so that through a universal, direct and secret election are chosen from the constituents who will present proposals for the youth, the environment, the laws, the economy and, above all, for the peace of the nation.

«The Constituent Assembly is no more than a massive dialogue between all Venezuelans in order to solve our problems, we do not need any intervention, we do not need any kind of tutelage so that Venezuelans can solve our problems. (…) This Constituent is the only option to overcome the current conjuncture», she said.

The Minister said that many countries have alleged that in Venezuela there is «a humanitarian crisis» which she considers «an unusual thing when comparing the socioeconomic indexes»; Before this, she assured that it is another excuse to proceed to the intervention of Venezuela.

She urged the group of countries that want an intervention of Venezuela to think «not only on those who protest violently» but also on the non-opposition Venezuelans, who are the majority. She exhorted «To definitely get rid of the irresponsible and violent recipe of the opposition’s leadership».

«Surprisingly, I have heard voices here asking for the National Constituent Assembly not be made, and I should call them to reflection. That is a request of the opposition leadership that refuses to participate in this process, but there are opponents who have registered to participate in it, besides, to the outcome of this ANC, the Constitution that results from it, will be submitted to an approving referendum. (…) The logical thing is for the political forces that do not agree with it to call for the «no» to the approval of that Constitution, but the opposition leadership in Venezuela resists to the democratic and electoral channels, in contrast they call for violence where young people lose their lives», she said, while stating that in Venezuela there is no deficit of democracy, since it has gone through more than 20 electoral processes, and this year will add to more than 24, all led by the autonomous, transparent and independent electoral power.

Finally, she informed that Venezuela will not recognize the results that accrue from this meeting. «Regardless of what comes out here, Venezuela will not endorse it, whatever its outcome. I call again to the syneresis and the respect of the international standards. I call on those who follow this organization, may you know that they must take care of your institutionality if you do not want the same thing being applied to Venezuela, they would want to apply to you in the future», she said.