CNE revokes invitation to the European Union as observer for the JUL-28 elections

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Elvis Amoroso, reported that as a result of the renewal of sanctions by the European Union (EU) against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, it was agreed by unanimous decision of the rectors of the Electoral Power, to revoke the invitation to this international organization as an observer to the presidential elections to be held on July 28, and demanded that all sanctions against the nation be lifted, “otherwise they will not be able to participate as observers in electoral processes that are carried out in the country.”

Amoroso, through a statement, recalled that the European Union has supported the unilateral coercive sanctions that rest on Venezuela and that have meant a hard blow directly to the people in terms of education, health, economics, among other areas: “It would be immoral to allow it, knowing their neoliberal and colonialist practices.”

In this sense, he urges the European Union to lift the sanctions imposed on the country and end hostility against Venezuela. They also reported that the full document will be sent at the request of the EU, for their information.

Likewise, rector Elvis Amoroso reported that the broad call for national and international electoral oversight was ratified, where more than 200 representatives from the five continents are expected to participate and urge the participants to comply with the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Venezuelan legislation that regulates electoral matters.