The member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas – People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) after holding the 23rd Summit of the regional bloc, in Caracas, Venezuela, issued a final declaration in which they detail each of the points discussed in the meeting that brought together Heads of State and Government, who agreed on the rejection of interference, wars, genocides and disrespect towards the people of the world and violations against international law by the empires of the world, mainly by the North American empire.

Following, the full document:


Declaration of the 23rd Summit of Heads of State and Government of ALBA-TCP

Towards 20 years of the founding of the Alliance”

We, the Heads of State and Government of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas – People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) gathered in Caracas, Venezuela, on April 24, 2024, to celebrate the 23rd Summit of the Alliance within the framework of the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace, as a mechanism for defending and promoting peace, respect for International Law, always attached to the emancipatory ideology of the heroes and precursor fathers of Latin America and the Caribbean and to the will and unionist vocation of the founding leaders of our Alliance, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías and Fidel Castro Ruz.

Reaffirming our firm commitment to strengthening the ALBA-TCP, as a mechanism for union, dialogue and political coordination, based on the principles of solidarity, social justice, cooperation and economic complementarity, which allows us to face in better conditions the dangers and challenges that derive from the complex world scenario, characterized by the deepening of disrespect and the constant threat to peace, security, sovereignty and self-determination of nations.

Convinced of the need to reinvigorate the founding principles and values of ALBA-TCP and in this context, the countries of the Alliance:

1. We adopt the ALBA-TCP Strategic 2030 Agenda, as a guide and living document to face the years to come and consolidate the Alliance in a comprehensive manner, in a joint effort to strengthen the most important areas for the development and well-being of our peoples.

2. We highlight the importance of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) as a genuine mechanism of regional integration, dialogue and political coordination, within which, the ALBA-TCP must continue raising the voices of our peoples; In this sense, we congratulate the work of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at the head of CELAC last year and we support our sister Republic of Honduras, who assumed its Pro-Tempore Presidency this year.

3. We ratify the importance and our commitment in defense of the “Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace” which, 10 years after its approval at the 2nd CELAC Summit in Havana, Cuba, in January 2014, remains fully valid.

4. We reaffirm our firm support for the permanent dialogue between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to reach a satisfactory solution between the parties, as established in the Argyle Joint Declaration of 2023, that any dispute between both States can be resolved in the framework of International Law, including the Geneva Agreement of 1966, and the maintenance of the region as a Zone of Peace.

5. We express our commitment to the defense of national sovereignty without external interference; Therefore, we reject the postulates of the Monroe Doctrine which, after 200 years, continues to be used to justify destabilizing and interventionist actions in Latin America and the Caribbean; Likewise, we strongly condemn any effort to establish new forms of domination in the region and we demand the right to live within a continent free of imperial hegemony.

6. We demand the immediate and unconditional lifting of the criminal – for being illegal and unjust – unilateral coercive measures imposed against the people and Governments of Nicaragua and Venezuela, for being irreconcilable with International Law, violating Human Rights and the Charter of Nations. United and harmfully affect the full realization of the economic and social development of both peoples and, therefore, of the region. We demand that the countries responsible for imposing such measures provide due reparation and compensation to the affected countries and peoples.

7. We support the just claim by Venezuela towards the United States in rejection of the arbitrary decision to reverse licenses that facilitate operations in Venezuela in different areas of the productive sector, with the objective of extorting the Venezuelan government, seeking to influence its actions and sovereign decisions and interfere in their internal affairs.

8. We ratify our strong condemnation of the genocidal and illegal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States of America against Cuba and we highlight the historic support of the member states of the Alliance for the Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations “Need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.”

9. We demand the exclusion of Cuba from the spurious and arbitrary unilateral list of countries supposedly sponsoring terrorism prepared by the United States Department of State, which has a negative impact on all spheres of Cuban society and on the well-being of its people. people, as the criminal economic war intensifies and increases the difficulties of entering international trade, carrying out financial operations and acquiring basic supplies.

10. We repudiate the new demands on access to financing for the development of the peoples of the South, with the imposition of a Eurocentric vision that does not take into account the vulnerabilities to the negative impacts of climate change, especially for small developing island States.

11. We reaffirm our just claim to European countries for reparations and compensation for colonialism, the horrors of slavery, transatlantic human trafficking and the genocide perpetrated against indigenous populations.

12. We reiterate our commitment to international efforts in favor of the end of colonialism in all its forms and manifestations, and in that sense, we applaud the “Caribbean Regional Seminar on the Implementation of the Fourth International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism”, which will take place in May 2024, in the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

13. We highlight the importance of international cooperation, including multilateral cooperation, to assist the most vulnerable States, Small Developing Island States (SDIS), landlocked developing States. We support the holding of the Fourth International Conference on Small Developing Island States, under the title “Charting the course towards resilient prosperity”, which will take place in Antigua and Barbuda, from May 27 to 30, 2024.

14. We claim the urgent need to coordinate mechanisms of effective cooperation and solidarity with the people of the sisterly Republic of Haiti so that they can advance on the path towards lasting peace and sustainable development, always in full respect for their sovereignty and in rejection to the interventionism scheme imposed by imperial interests.

15. We denounce the use of unconventional war strategies against democratically elected governments and leaders in the region, including the use of politically motivated judicial processes without legal support (lawfare).

16. We express our firmest rejection of the unusual raid of the Mexican Embassy in Quito by the government of Ecuador, creating a dangerous precedent that threatens the peace and stability of our region and we demand the restitution of the asylum status, previously granted by the Mexican government to former Vice President Jorge Glas, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and other norms of International Law.

17. We express our firmest repudiation and condemnation of the genocide committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip, with the complicity and support of the United States government, which has led to one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of our times. In this sense, we approve the Special Communiqué on the situation in Palestine annexed to this Declaration.

18. We welcome the electoral process in Venezuela, which will take place on July 28, 2024, and we ratify our respect for the right of each country to elect its authorities, without interventions of any kind that undermine the integrity and transparency of its democratic process.

19. We welcome the important role of the BRICS in the construction of a multipolar and pluricentric world, which advances on the path of equity, justice and prosperity of the people. Likewise, we express our support for those member countries of the ALBA-TCP that have expressed their interest in adding their potential to this block of emerging economies and we hope that a direct dialogue can be established between ALBA and the BRICS, which contributes to a political balance. and more inclusive global economy.

20. We celebrate the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Battles of Junín and Ayacucho, heroic deeds led by the Liberator Simón Bolívar, which defeated Spanish colonialism of the 19th century and expelled the royal armies from Our Americas after 300 years of conquest and domination. Two hundred years later we recognize its historical significance and the legacy of unity, freedom, independence and equality that continues to resonate as the reason and essence of the struggles of our American peoples.

21. We enthusiastically receive the results of the debates developed at the Meeting for a World Social Alternative, held from April 18 to 20, 2024, in Caracas, Venezuela, with the participation of organizations and social movements from around the world.

22. We welcome the appointment of the new Executive Secretary of ALBA-TCP, Mr. Jorge Arreaza, and we instruct the Executive Secretariat to coordinate the execution of the 2030 Strategic Agenda, in its political, economic, social, cultural and communications horizons; energizing an economic plan that has the new regional financial architecture as its epicenter, through institutions such as the ALBA Bank, the Petrocaribe Agreement and the SUCRE as a leading instrument.”

Caracas, April 24, 2024.