President Maduro highlights institutional strength of the country before the start of the 2023 Legislative Term

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted the institutional strength in the country, before the start of the 2023 legislative term of the National Assembly (AN).

This was expressed on his Twitter account @NicolasMaduro:

Today, January 5, the 2023-2024 Legislative Period of the National Assembly begins, as established by our Constitution. A clear example of the institutional and democratic strength of Venezuela, in order to guarantee Peace, stability and well-being of the People”.

The Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (CRBV) establishes in its article 219 January 5 of each year as the start of the annual term of the National Parliament.

With the Board of Directors installed, the AN will formally begin a new annual period to fulfill its functions as expressed in constitutional 187 regarding the attributes of the Legislative Power.