President Maduro asserts Venezuela is not to receive orders from the United States

Following statements by the State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller, and the Undersecretary of State, Brian Nichols, regarding the consultative referendum, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, asserted that Venezuela is not to receive orders from the United States.

By rejecting the positions of the US officials, he presented two questions for reflection before the General Assembly of the Federal Council of Government, with the participation of the Council of State and the Defense Council of the Nation, which he led from the Military Academy of the Bolivarian Army, in Caracas:

Is Venezuela to receive orders from the North? I ask to all Venezuelan men and women: Should Venezuela abide by the imperial orders of the Monroe Doctrine of the United States government? ”He asked.

In this sense, he stressed: “No, because the third question (of the Consultative Referendum for the Defense of Guayana Esequiba) that obtained the vote of almost 97% of Venezuelans, established as a historic national position for now and forever that “Venezuela does not and will not recognize the jurisdiction or competence of the International Court of Justice -ICJ- under any circumstances on the issue of Guayana Esequiba.”

Neither today, nor tomorrow, nor ever,” said President Maduro.

Listen to me Matthew Miller, Brian Nichols, you in the North: Venezuela spoke in the third question with a clear, strong and explicit voice. And you know that the voice of the people is the voice of God. It is a sacred voice, it is a sacred decision,” insisted the Venezuelan President.

He also pointed out to the two spokespersons that the “third question regarding the International Court of Justice is an obligatory and binding popular mandate for all governments that come to Venezuela in the years and decades to come, (it is) mandatory and binding, let it be heard by the ExxonMobill company, by Guyana, let it be heard by the world.”