Head of State expresses his satisfaction at being Venezuelan and living together with the people the construction of the future

How proud I feel of Venezuela! My Dear Homeland! Blessed land, of good men and women, a heroic, warrior, fighting people, always with a smile, optimistic in any circumstance to build the future of greatness,” said the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro in his account on the Twitter social network.

Venezuela in recent months has seen economic growth, not only through large and medium-sized industries and foreign investment, but also through entrepreneurship and the trust of the Venezuelan people in the country that is becoming stronger every day.

Likewise, Venezuela continues to advance in its international relations for the exchange and cooperation of sisterly nations, and thus continue betting on a multiethnic, multicultural and multipolar world.

Similarly, in the political sphere, solid steps are being taken, the signing of the Second Partial Agreement for the Protection of the Venezuelan People was achieved, which rescues more than three billion dollars that were stolen by the national extreme right wing, for which a trust fund will be created in order to protect the Venezuelan people, whose resources will go to cover needs in the areas of health, education, food, public services, among others.

The national president, has assured on different occasions that the expansion of the economy in Venezuela is miraculous, thanks to the joint work with the industry and the private sector, as well as the promotion and accompaniment of the ventures that are born vertiginously in times of pandemic. As well as international investment confidence, despite the coercive unilateral measures imposed by the United States (USA).

The Head of State maintains that it is important to continue advancing in the construction of the victorious path for Venezuela to receive year 2023 in the strengthening and expansion of the productive economy of the nation.