President Maduro: The map of Venezuela is now complete with Guayana Esequiba

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro attended the National Electoral Council (CNE) to be notified about the will of the Venezuelan people regarding participation in the consultative referendum in defense of the Essequibo territory.

In his participation, President Maduro looked to be very pleased with the results of the Referendum, stating that the map of Venezuela was strengthened geographically:

Our map of Venezuela is now more complete with Guayana Esequiba, after this wonderful democratic exercise that took place this December 3, all Venezuelans are winners, because here there were no minorities or exclusions or differences, it was a popular participation of more than ten million Venezuelans who said Yes to the defense of Guayana Esequiba.”

He clarified that it has been a binding decision enshrined in the National Constitution, where our sovereignty resides in the people, who asserted their rights with the popular vote and celebrated by all for the boys and girls, for the educational community, for the workers, for the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, for the civil-military union:

It was an overwhelming victory and a historic turnout that has exceeded 51 percent, beyond any prediction ever seen before. My recognition and admiration goes to the people for their high nationalist consciousness. The voice of the people is the voice of God, and therefore I will abide by what the people say.”

President Nicolás Maduro, proud of the Venezuelan people that greeted him effusively, made a call to continue building with great spiritual strength the great national union of all sectors, be they partisan, business and popular forces.