Overwhelming Victory! of Yes in Venezuela with a historic participation of more than 10,540,000 votes, the Yes wins with more than 98%

The president of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoroso, offered the first assessment of the consultative referendum held at the request of the National Assembly, to decide future actions on our territory of Guayana Esequiba.

The principal rector stated that with a participation of 10,554,320 votes, there was a strong inclination for the “Yes” option, which requested the public powers to take concrete actions to rescue the disputed territory.

He reported that in response to the questions asked in the consultation, the responses had the following evaluation by the voters:

1.- Yes 97.83% No2.17%

2.- Yes 98.11% No 1.8%

3.- Yes 95.40% No 4.10%

4.- Yes 95.94% No 4.06%

5.- Yes 95.93% No 4.07%

The representative of the electoral power said that the figure may increase due to the registration that was still taking place late at night this Sunday after the extension of the day in some voting stations.

He thanked the invited delegations who confirmed that the Venezuelan electoral system was functioning well, and congratulated the voters for their extraordinary participation.

He also extended his congratulations to the Plan República (Military Electoral Security and Safeguarding plan) and to all political parties and organizations, “demonstrating that we have the best electoral system in the world.”