ANC announces discussion of Mision Chamba Juvenil Bill project

The member of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Mervin Maldonado, called on the public and private sector to discuss in all areas the draft Law of the Great Mission Chamba Juvenil (Youth Job), with the aim that the new generation in their productive work go hand in hand with the university studies, according to information from the Venezolana de Televisión (VTV) website.
In the «Al Aire» (On Air) program broadcast by VTV, the constituent said: «Article 347 of the Magna Carta establishes the possibility of a new legal order and much of that is with the proposal in the law of the Great Mission Chamba Juvenil, that seeks to improve the conditions of the young Venezuelan so that their studies go hand in hand with productive work».
In this sense, the Constitution establishes in Chapter III – Of the National Constituent Assembly: «The people of Venezuela are the depository of the original constituent power. In the exercise of this power, it may convene a National Constituent Assembly with the aim of transforming the State, creating a new legal system and drafting a new Constitution».
He stressed that the call is to all sectors of the country in order to get involved in the debate and make their contributions on the project, and to do so said that Venezuelan youth should be trained in order to generate conditions in each region of the national territory:
«From the 23 states, municipalities, parishes, communes, in the sectors, the high schools. Today in the afternoon we have a debate at the Simon Bolivar high school, located in the vicinity of the Ministry of People’s Power for Education, with young people who are in the process of graduation to make their contributions to the law», added the constituent.