More than 120,000 security officials will be deployed to strengthen Plan República

More than 120,000 citizen security officials will be deployed this Sunday to strengthen the “Plan Republica” (Republic Plan, a military security device implemented in order to safeguard the electoral processes in the country), activated this Wednesday in view of the consultative referendum for the defense of Essequibo, as indicated the Minister for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Remigio Ceballos.

During the activation of the operation, Ceballos stated that, in addition, he coordinated with the different institutions. in order to guarantee the success of the Plan Republica:

We maintain more than 120,000 citizen security officials who occupy the police force to support the Plan Republica. We have also coordinated with the Public Ministry, with all the institutions of the 153 service points with citizen security bodies, so that they provide all the necessary support to the Venezuelan State for the success of this Plan Republica,” said the minister.

Likewise, he indicated that more than 50,000 officials will be deployed at the voting centers to provide support in this operation.

Likewise, Minister Ceballos indicated that there will also be a deployment of more than 2,000 peace quadrants to provide guarantees and security to Venezuelans who are going to vote this Sunday.

This deployment — he emphasized — will be in the 15,857 voting centers enabled throughout the country:

We have guaranteed all security deployments in SAIME and the guarantee of those who require their identity document, considering that any person who has an expired identity card can exercise the right to vote,” he said.

We maintain the deployment as a guarantee of peace, of protection of the people, we maintain the deployment for life and peace,” he added.

During his speech, Minister Ceballos Ichaso invited all Venezuelans to participate this Sunday in the defense of sovereignty:

We invite the people of Venezuela to exercise their sovereignty, as a family, together, as patriotic brothers, to exercise their vote, and I am sure that everything will be a success and we will win,” he stressed.