Alliances between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago are an example for the world

The recent agreement sealed between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago to promote gaseous hydrocarbon projects, as well as the display of good neighborliness achieved with steps like these, are an example for the world.

It is an example for the Caribbean, an example for Latin America, an example for the world, an example of good neighborliness, of course, of the Bolivarian diplomacy of peace that Venezuela has built during all these years on the basis of the principles of respect, self-determination of the people, sovereignty, independence, solidarity, complementarity, cooperation, shared gain,” highlighted President Nicolás Maduro in the 18th edition of the “Con Maduro+” program, from Miraflores Palace.

He indicated that both nations are clear about the principles and that when these are applied, there are great results as in the case of Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela:

May see well anyone who has eyes, may hear well whoever has ears. Let no one give up on winning in the Caribbean. Venezuela is a Homeland of peace, we are the children of Simón Bolívar, of Hugo Chávez. We are men of peace, people of peace, who ensure our rights are respected,” urged the Venezuelan President.