Venezuela and China will work on a social mission to reduce poverty

The constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, announced the upcoming launch of the new Equality and Social Happiness Mission, which will work together with the People’s Republic of China, to achieve poverty reduction in the country:

China lifted 300 million human beings out of poverty with its special plans, and we managed to fully engage a mission that I am going to launch: the Equality and Social Happiness Mission, a special mission, to optimize our fight against inequality, against poverty , and to be able to build a more harmonious country,” explained the head of state, from his weekly program “Con Maduro+” in its 17th edition, after his return from China, where he made his recent international tour.

Maduro recalled that after arriving in the Chinese capital, Beijing, during the various work days, six bilateral meetings were held, among them, he highlighted the visit to the International Center for Overcoming Poverty, an institution that will collaborate intensely with Venezuela to support the vulnerable families and victims of the criminal imperial blockade.