AN declares in permanent session until CNE authorities are designated

This Tuesday, during the Parliamentary Plenary, the National Assembly (AN) unanimously agreed to declare in permanent session until the new authorities of the National Electoral Council (CNE) are chosen.

In this regard, the president of the Legislative Branch, deputy Jorge Rodríguez (PSUV/Capital District.), indicated that, even though there has not been presented the management balance of the first period of ordinary sessions of 2023, which ended on Tuesday, the Parliament will continue working.

In this sense, he invoked article 60 of the Internal Regulations and Debates of the AN, (Ridan), which establishes the declaration of permanent session, given the need for the pending matter.

At another point in the session, Rodríguez paid tribute to revolutionaries Julio Escalona and Roberto Hernández Montoya, regarding the physical departure of these men who gave their lives for the well-being of Venezuelans.

On the other hand, he highlighted the work of the members of the Special Commission for the Defense of the Territory of Guayana Esequiba and Territorial Sovereignty, who submitted a report with the 135 titles and other documents that certify the sovereignty of Venezuela over the Essequibo.

He thanked the special commission for the hard work done, while asking for applause for its members, Deputy Hermann Escarrá (PSUV/Aragua), Timoteo Zambrano, Giuseppe Alessandrello, Ilenia Medina, Alexis Rodríguez Cabello, Williams Fariñas, José Vielma Mora, Victoria Mata, Vanesa Montero, Robexa Poleo, Nixon Maniglia and Ezequiel Pérez.

Regarding the Special Commission to Document the Life and Work of the politician and parliamentarian Darío Vivas, the president of the AN said that the collection of contributions and lessons was fully complied with, especially in the area of mobilization and political agitation of a revolutionary. from the streets and a soul brother, as was Darío Vivas.

He greeted family members, friends and the entire mobilization and events technical team of the PSUV, built by Darío Vivas, who were at the session.