Will be created mobile application to collect proposals to the ANC

Through an application for telephones and computers, the People’s Power will be able to raise proposals and ideas for discussion at the National Constituent Assembly (ANC),  said on Tuesday Jorge Rodríguez, leader of the Strategy and Propaganda Front of the Constituent Commander Zamora 200.

“We are going to have some applications so that people can, through their phones and through their computers, start making proposals and ideas”, he said during an interview broadcast by VTV.

He explained that proposals and ideas with greater reach and voting will be taken by the candidates to the National Constituent Assembly for discussion.

He explained that the Constitutional Presidential Commission has already received 15,000 proposals and ideas from the people’s power.

He also noted that the ANC does not belong to political parties, but is a popular constituent and citizen. “Not even the election of the President of the Republic is so general, nor so much a citizen one, nor does it belong to everyone as the National Constituent Assembly does”, he said.