Great Patriotic Pole calls for unity to stop interfering onslaught

Blanca Eekhout, national coordinator of the Great Patriotic Pole, called on Wednesday for the unity of all parties of the country in the defense of the Venezuelan people, against what she qualified as a new interfering attack upon the activation of the procedure for invoking the Democratic Charter against Venezuela.
In a press conference from Caracas, during the reading of a statement rejecting the application of this mechanism, she warned that the pretenses of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, are aimed at trying to concrete the Coup d’ Etat, the economic warfare and the genocidal blockade against Venezuela.
“But in Venezuela Fascism shall not pass, we will ensure the defense of the homeland. All parties of the Homeland, the parties that defend the revolution, assuming unity as a flag, the absolute unity, unity without any doubt, the unity for life, peace, future and the legacy of Hugo Chavez. ”
She warned that the advance of the plan for the recolonization of the continent gave way to the Coup d’ Etat in Brazil and the shameful social setback in Argentina.
Eekhout stressed that this is a key moment in Latin American history after having retaken the path of the liberators and having managed to raise the peoples after years of oppression.
The coordinator of the Great Patriotic Pole reiterated that the interventionist intentions have not ceased, and therefore the only way to defeat them is the unity of the people, it is the hour of the peoples, unity in Venezuela of the workers, peasants, students, young people and parties that have historically defended and built the Bolivarian Revolution.