2017 Sovereign Budget has the highest social percentage of history

The 2017 Sovereign Budget which will be “approved with the heat of the people, it is the budget that has the largest social percentage of the whole story: A 73% of this budget is aimed to meet the social demands of our people. ” This was stated by the Executive Vice President, Aristobulo Isturiz.
“We have to make our people see what kind of budget we are presenting. Either it responds to the interests of the people, or it responds to the interests of the oligarchy. This one will respond to the people”, he said during the inauguration ceremony of the municipal teams of United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in Anzoategui state.
“In the capitalist – neoliberal model what is being invested in people they call it “social spending”. And what it is to invest in people? To build schools, to provide them, the PAE feeding program for a school, the uniforms. When we put 120 million books of the Bicentennial Collection in schools so the boys don’t have to buy school textbooks, when we give food to 4 million boys at the schools, that is the budget that we need to pass “.
He added that “what is charged in favor of the people’s rights is a social investment and we defend the concept and oppose to what is called a public spending”. The Vice President stressed that “amidst this crisis, the budget must have more money directed to the social scope, more than any other budget. Why? Because the situation is more difficult for the people. ”
Accompanied by the people, the 2017 Sovereign Budget will be approved in the Homeland Congress convened for Friday at the National Pantheon. “Why at the Pantheon? Because on October 14 Simon Bolivar received the title of Liberator, and we are going to pay him a tribute. And the President shall submit the budget to the people’s consideration. We will surround the National Pantheon, and then the President will sign the decree that has to do with the Sovereign Budget “.