Defense of Venezuela presents legal arguments to declare inadmissible the claim of Guyana

From the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Geneva, the Agent of the Venezuelan State in the case of the International Court of Justice between Venezuela and Guyana, Samuel Moncada, presented legal arguments to declare inadmissible the application of Guyana in relation to the commitment and the arbitral award.

Ambassador Samuel Moncada stressed that Venezuela has fought for 182 years against imperial aggression and the integrity of the Guayana Esequiba territory.

In this sense, he expressed that “Venezuela cannot accept that in the name of its decolonization, Guyana repeats the crime committed by the colonizing power and that therefore, it extends a friendly hand to Guyana before the international court of justice, maintaining a fraternal relationship of friendship and cooperation, in not allowing the consequences of illicit conduct by the United Kingdom to continue affecting the future of our nations”, assured Professor Samuel Moncada.

He also highlights that Venezuela has always followed a policy based on peace, honor and respect for international law, without claiming something that does not belong to us.

Lastly, he mentioned Venezuela’s final request, which asks the court to judge and declare that Guyana’s claims are inadmissible.