To request a foreign intervention constitutes Treason to the Homeland

As Treason to the Homeland qualified the Governor of Vargas state, Jorge García Carneiro, to the call for a foreign intervention and economic sanctions against Venezuela requested by certain sectors of the Venezuelan opposition to other nations opposed to the Bolivarian Revolution.

“It is not conceivable that a person who was born in this land of Bolivar should speak out for a military intervention or for financial and economic sanctions against the country. That constitutes Treason to the Homeland”, he said in the “Encendidos” (Turned On) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión. The Governor raised that parliamentary immunity should be lifted off the opposition deputies who traveled abroad to request an invasion to the nation.

“The country is before any immunity from any deputy. A deputy who violates the law, asking for sanctions against his country should be considered a traitor to the Homeland”, he stressed. Carneiro reiterated that the betrayal of sectors of the right wing, by backing the economic sanctions imposed by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, mean an attack against the entire Venezuelan people.

“Those people who asked for sanctions are so cynical that after committing that fact, they go abroad to look for a humanitarian channel. I want to tell the people not to be deceived because they are the most disloyal people a country as Venezuela can have”, he said.

The Governor pointed out that the high hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Venezuela “also joins to that disloyalty” by supporting violent plans promoted by sectors of the opposition that seek to overthrow the Government, and try “to remove the attachment that a people can feel for its leader”such as the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.