President Maduro highlights total success of the COP27 Conference

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, upon his arrival in the country, highlighted as successful the meeting of the leaders at the 27th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), which takes place in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, until next November 18 of the current year.

During an interview granted to the country’s media from the presidential plane, the head of state said: “Total success, it has been a day of high impact within the summit itself, the positions that have been taken on behalf of our country. I think it has had a powerful impact on the debate and discussion of common ideas”.

Likewise, the first authority applauded the proposal that is made for the first time on the creation of the Financing Fund for nations that are victims of natural disasters: “It is a topic that has been brought up insistently for years (…) so I think it has had a great impact within the Summit and by international public opinion”.

He affirmed that the debate of the food security work tables was fruitful, where they managed to agree on the proposals for the production of seeds that promote agricultural trade and strengthen the treatment of soil and land in the Bolivarian nation:

“We have the great challenge of turning Venezuela, with more than 33 million hectares of good soil, good water, good sun, into a food power for Latin America, the Caribbean and the world”, he stressed.

At the same time, President Maduro assured that it is a challenge to turn the country into a food power for Latin America and the Caribbean, as part of an epicenter of food production for humanity.

Meanwhile, he ratified that Venezuela is willing, together with the governments of Colombia and Suriname, to defend, recover and regenerate the Brazilian Amazon at the plant and forest level:

“The time has come to finance the recovery of the Amazon, through the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization”, he stressed.

He stated that the Bolivarian nation is called to play an important role in regional, Latin American and Caribbean geopolitics, in the face of debates on climate change and the consequences that affect humanity:

“Venezuela is triumphant, it has fought an admirable battle for dignity and in the world Venezuela is admired for the results, for the triumph of peace, for the thriving, miraculous economic recovery that we are experiencing”, he concluded.