Assassination attempt in Argentina is the result of hate campaigns in the media and social networks

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, stated in a telephone interview offered to the “Rompiendo Moldes” (Breaking molds) program, broadcast by Radio 10 of Argentina, that the assassination attempt against the Vice President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, is part of the hate campaigns unleashed by radical groups. that are supported by the media of that country, and social networks.

The Head of State reflected on the social responsibility the media should have in terms of promoting hateful messages and how networks have become amplifiers of violent messages against people who are placed as targets and symbols of death: “What is happening right now with Vice President Cristina, was a blow, to eliminate her.”

There is only one way to defeat hate, and it is with love, love for life, for the Homeland, against those doses of hatred and poison that are inoculated through media and (social) networks, we raise the flag of love, of life, of truth, of hope, of peace, of democracy, of true freedom, and at the end of the road those who persevere, triumph”, he pointed out

President Maduro recalled that similar experiences have been experienced in Venezuela, as is the case of the attack perpetrated on August 4, 2018: “We have lived through situations, we could say similar, after an accumulation of years of attacks, I had to live that on August 4, 2018. An assassination attempt, and also discovering it”.

He added that during the investigation of that event, all the material authors and part of the intellectual authors were captured.

Therefore, he highlighted that in Venezuela is being built a critical awareness of the people about the contents of the media and social networks: “an awareness full of values, in the combat of ideas, of symbols, in defending the values of peace, of democracy, and to denounce the criminal campaigns of hate, exclusion and death”.

He also highlighted that the country has a Law against Hate Crimes, which allows to preserve the life, peace and coexistence of citizens. He also added that no media or social network is prohibited in the country, “however, as in all countries, there are rules and limits.”

He added that the peoples must contribute to the awareness of values ​​that allow the family, the community, the social movements to build a political cultural hegemony of peace, coexistence and democratic tolerance “where we all truly fit”.

In this sense, the Venezuelan Head of State pleads for the action of the Argentine justice in the face of acts of violence that occurred during these days where they attempted against the life of Vice President Fernández, justifying that “the message of impunity is the worst thing that can happen to a society”.

To conclude, the National President asked the Argentine people to take care of the peace and stability of their country and not be influenced by hate campaigns.