President Maduro announces exemption from taxes on cocoa and derivatives

«I announce the exemption from taxes and fees for the export of cocoa and its derivatives, with a view to consolidating this productive agricultural sector of the country.»

This was announced by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, and he also took a series of measures, at the inauguration of the «First Cocoa and Ron Fair – Miranda 2022».

Also, he instructed Vice President Delcy Rodríguez to facilitate cocoa producers, in everything related to the ports and airports of the country, the mobility of their products both nationally and internationally:

On the other hand, I am announcing a war without quarter, against the mafias, which are dedicated to charging illegal fees to honest producers and businessmen, to import or export products. And I ask the producers and businessmen to support me, give me names and surnames, through the VenApp, line 58, to process the complaints of these stateless mafias, who intend to sabotage the agricultural production of Venezuela”, sentenced the National President.

Finally, President Maduro signed a decree for the introduction, propagation and cultivation of any seed or material of non-Venezuelan origin, in order to protect Creole genetics. In this particular, he appointed the Vice President of Science and Technology, Health and Education, Gabriela Jiménez, as the defender of the genetics of Venezuelan cocoa, to take the necessary measures on the subject, the decree in question.