Hinterlaces: 67% of Venezuelans will definitely vote in parliamentary elections

In his «confidentials at the close» segment, journalist José Vicente Rangel announced the results of the latest survey conducted by the Hinterlaces consulting company, in which was revealed that a 67% of Venezuelans will definitely vote in the parliamentary elections that are scheduled for 2020.
In his «José Vicente Hoy» (José Vicente Today) program, he also showed the results of another study in which is asked whether is seen as right or wrong that opposition parties stop participating in future elections to elect the deputies of the National Assembly for the 2021- 2026 term
The sample of 1,580 people interviewed showed that a 72% of the respondents sees as incorrect this position that some right-wing organizations have promoted in other electoral processes held in the country.
Likewise, the study also reports that a 55% of Venezuelans prefer these elections to be held in December next year, when the current National Assembly period expires, compared to 43% who prefers it to be advanced.